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Written by  on August 25, 2014


Had a great time hanging with Peter from Galvanize as we talked about the band and their music. Galvanize is a fairly new band that is growing and developing. Peter is the main songwriter right now, along with playing guitar and singing. Scott plays drums and they just added Nicole to play bass. It’s obvious Galvanize, as a group, has a vision for their music and how it should sound. Peter is also a little bit of a throwback to songwriters of the 60′s as he tries to have a message in some of his songs. Galvanize is also very active in the artistic community. Learn more about the “Get Lucid” project they are working on. Check out the vidcast and let us know what you think of it and the site in general.


Written by  on August 10, 2014


Hank, Steve and Pat from Hopscotch Jefferson stopped by the studio to talk about the band and their latest EP, “Ham and Fireworks”. The members of Hopscotch Jefferson have known each other for a while, which makes their songwriting process a little easier because they know each other’s musical influences and what they are trying to do with their songs. Hopscotch Jefferson doesn’t like to be placed into a specific format or genre. Their goal is to make the best music possible for you to enjoy. Check out the Vidcast and let us know what you think of it and the site in general, especially the new updates we have made to the site.